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2017 / 2018 – Staff & family Ski / Snowboard trip to Whistler BC

Upcoming Event (closure of shipping dept) exact dates yet to be determined.

December / January Vacation – Staff & family Ski / Snowboard trip to Whistler BC

Annual 1 Week trip – Dates yet to be determined but will be updated here and via email in advance not to worry.



Is eTransfer under attack?

November 6th 2017

Warning eTransfer Notice

The eTransfer service is temporarily unavailable for customers. We are working to restore service as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding .

Some banks once again having trouble processing e-Transfer. Another technical issue ? At least its not the last day of the month like the past couple times.  Hang in there we’ll be processing and accepting your e-Transfers within a few hours or days I suspect , but I’m honestly just guessing at this point. The frequency that this is happening at has us suspecting they might be under a DDos attack by someone wanting to interfere with their operations. I’m sure they are working hard to restore the service as quickly as possible.

Thankfully our Bitcoin payments continue to work perfectly. I think the Bitcoin network has been running for over 8 years now with no issues while under constant attack.

If you’re curious you can read more about it here…… at Canadian people are literally loosing their shyt give it a read if your having a crappy day and you might just feel better.

Halloween’s INTERAC eTransfer fiasco

Tuesday October 31st 2017 (Halloween) – INTERAC eTransfer itself is experiencing a ‘technical issue’ Canada wide with some banks at the moment. Sorry for the delay in accepting your payments. Bitcoin is money 2.0 ! So glad we also accept Bitcoin as payment for days just like this……. Thanks for your patience.

Thankfully Bitcoin payments continue to work perfectly of course, even during banking ‘technical issues’ that seem to be poorly timed when people’s leases, rents, employee paychecks, etc all due at the end of the month. Today was similar to the ‘larger’ June ‘E-Transfer outage’ effecting many people across Canada.

Thankfully a more honest money is here gaining momentum, more people are embracing it every day. We encourage our clients to look into Bitcoin for yourself. Determine if you like the idea of boarder-less money 2.0 ? A currency controlled & governed by arithmetic, not government fiat money printing or the ‘too big to fail’ Bank’s ‘fractional reserve leaning’ policy. Check out this great Ted-talk or even Netflix now has a couple of films on bitcoin for you to enjoy.

Sorry to all the people with money tied up in today’s E-Transfer ‘technical frustration’ with what seems so far like an issue again with INTERAC itself and a few big banks across Canada. Hang in there….. I’m sure they’ll sort it out very soon and IT staff are working hard to correct the problem. Here is a link to a group of very angry banking clients fed up with today’s service interruption.

Protect yourself and your money (the store of your labor) accordingly.

All the best and Happy Halloween 2017 Michel Roodenburg.

Interac takes e-Transfer service off-line temporarily to address technical issue

June 30 2017 E-Transfer Off-line as reported by CBC here leaving many thousands of people stuck at the end of the month unable to pay rents, leases, send or receive payments as a business, and paychecks to employees all stuck and some jammed up in cyberspace for a few days, leaving people uneasy.

This is why we like Bitcoin as a back up payment method.

Summer is Just Getting Started Woot Woot!

Michel Roodgenburg